Uzhgorod is looking for heroes

Uzhgorod City Council appeals to labor collectives and public organizations of the city to submit to the City Council by September 1, 2014 the proposals for candidates for the "Honorary award of Uzhgorod City Council" is the following form

– Surname, name and patronymic. 
– Biographical data, address, telephone number. 
– Place of work and position. 
– Merits to assign the title for. 
– Name of the company, institution or organization submitting the candidacy, contact phone numbers.

The Honorary award of Uzhgorod City Council is presented in the following nominations:

1. Professional activities in the field of education: 
– Higher education; 
– General and specialized secondary education; 
– Pre-school education.

2. Studying and social activity in the field of education: 
– Achievement among students; 
– Achievement among schoolchildren.

3. Professional activities in the field of health care.

4.j Activities in the socio-medical field: disease prevention, hygiene, rehabilitation, promotion of healthy lifestyles, social rehabilitation, protection of family and children.

5. Ecology and environment, green building.

6. The development of science, engineering and technology, innovation activities.

7.  The organization of industrial production.

8. Activities in SMEs.

9.  Activities in the field of public services, transportation and telecommunications.

10. Activities in the field of housing and communal services of the city.

11. Architecture, planning, construction and improvement of the city.

12. Activities in the field of musical culture, theater, folk art, museum and library science.

13. Literary creativity and art.

14. Activities in the print and electronic media, journalism, publishing, printing and advertising.

15. Public safety and order.

16.  Activities in the field of youth policy, physical culture and sports.

17.  Activities of citizen associations for the benefit of local community of the city.

Documents executed in accordance with the above requirements can be submitted at: Uzhgorod, Poshtova sq., 3, the Department of deputies and standing committees (room number 301, 3rd floor), contact number – 61-34-36.

Source: zaholovok

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