Uzhgorod is filled with hedgehogs (PHOTOS)

The number of hedgehogs in Uzhgorod has significantly increased. Of course, no one knows how many of them live in the city, but it is for sure that from now one there are three more of them.

 The author of new Uzhgorod mini-monuments is the sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko. The hedgehogs, as well as her their predecessors – Mikolajczyk, Svobodka and others – settled on the railing of the embankment. They are devoted to the sister city of Uzhgorod – Czech Jihlava. The opening of the nice "hedgehog sculptural group" was part of the

Decade of Czech culture, which, as reported, started today in Uzhgorod. Overall, the festival will include a lot of events.

6_ (1)
6_ (2)


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Фото – А. Ножки

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