Uzhgorod has the first candidate for mayor

Diplomat Alen Panov said that he was "seriously considering a run for mayor of Uzhgorod".

The former Consul of Ukraine in Nyíregyháza confirmed this at the meeting in Uzhgorod press club on architectural issues.

"Yes. I am seriously considering this option. As for Uzhgorod, I believe we have to create a city that is equally comfortable for its citizens and visitors. To do this we need a competent developed strategy implemented by qualified specialists with the right moral compass and the appropriate amount of material and financial resources to be effectively invested in the development of the city – Alain Panov said. – Me and my colleagues have been working on the elaboration of this strategy for years."

Alen Panov said: "I used to always demonstrate a willingness to work in a team and believe that a place in the team matters solely within the context of the efficiency of the player. Therefore I have not been too concerned about my "number in the list." But today I believe that I have enough desire, energy and experience to work on an ambitious project of "Uzhgorod Renaissance" on the position of leader."

Source: ViZa

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