Uzhgorod “Goverla” brought a draw from Odessa

In the twentieth round of the Championship of Ukraine, Uzhgorod "Goverla" played a draw against Odessa "Chornomorets".

The team of Vyacheslav Grozny in the first half was better than the nominal home team. They showed a fast and a quality game. However, it was the team from Odessa that opened the score from penalty kick by Didenko.

After conceding the goal, the Uzhgorod team showed real attacking game, which brought results. Khlyobas after the effective turnaround, sent the ball right in the middle of the goal.

1:1. Goverla was close to take the lead. However, Kutas saved the Odessa team by stopping the ball with his shoulder.

As a result, the draw leaves Uzhgorod Goverla on the 12th line of the championship. The Transcarpathian team has 17 points. 

Video – Tisa-1


Відео – Тиса-1

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