Uzhgorod gathered botanists and ecologists of Eastern Europe

During 19-23 September the Faculty of Biology of UzhNU holds International Conference of Young Scientists "Actual problems of botany and ecology." Leading scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia gathered to make presentations, consult and share experiences.

Transcarpathian biologists are known all over the world, noted guests from Volyn and Ternopil universities. And Head of the Department of Botany, Associate of UzhNU Oleg Kolesnik told about the famous throughout the country Uzhgorod scientific school of embryologists.

Olena Kravets, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics of NAS of Ukraine, conducted an experiment to investigate cytomixis – cell interactions. Three types of grasses were subjected to gamma and UV irradiation and planted in the ground – in this way she activated the necessary process. "Cytomixis is a natural phenomenon, first described in the early XX century – said the researcher. – Now it is being seriously studied in China. Our experiment showed that this process is twofold: causes pathology and performs sanitary function."

Over 10 years assistant professor of botany at UzhNU Lyubov Felbaba-Klushina has been exploring marsh ecosystem of the Ukrainian Carpathians, in particular on the river Tisa. In Vynogradiv and Tyachiv district the scientist found a plant, not typical for our region. And in Gorgany she discovered 10 bushes of wild rosemary marsh, which grows mainly in Polissya and South Atlantic and American species, rare sphagnum, new relics. In total she has found in swamps 601 species of plants, from among which almost 47% are in need of protection. "This illustrates the negative processes in the region related to climate change, including drought – summarized the researcher – as well as those caused by anthropogenic factor – people draining the swamps."

Nataliya Vorobets, professor of Lviv National Medical University deals in pharmaceutical botany and biochemistry, or pharmacognosy.   Now the researcher is studying plants that can help in the treatment of seizures. "Every year, the percentage of patients with diseases that cause seizures (eg, epilepsy) increases – said Natalia. – In Ukraine we have found 20 species of plants that heal these diseases. However, in recent years their vitamin content has decreased. And the same species in different climatic zones has a different biochemical composition, toxicants have a major impact on plants. So last year the European community allowed to use in medicine only cultivated species. And when pharmacologists from abroad come to us, we show them our herbal plantation, they only say: they are good, but grow in an uncontrolled environment."

Thus the international conference at the Faculty of Biology of UzhNU continues. Scientists discuss the ecology of plants, experimental botany, ornamental plants, etc., and on Sunday they are visiting the rehabilitation center for brown bears in the "Synevyr" Park.

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