Uzhgorod. Gas company workes are digging, cars are standing in traffic jams (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Long congestion has been formed in Uzhgorod in these moments on Sobranetska street – here almost in the middle of the road gas company workers dug a pit. Traffic jam stretches from the intersection of Sobranetska with Tseholnyanska (where they are digging) and to the school number 4.

Interestingly, at the sight of work there is not (!) a single traffic police officer who would regulate the traffic. So drivers, including those of the crammed minibuses, try to "squeeze" into small space which is threatening emergency.


As the official website of "Zakarpathaz" PJSC informs, the repair work at the intersection are carried out to recover the coating of the pipes. They do not specify why they are doing it in a rush hour when the traffic on Sobranetska is very dense.



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