Uzhgorod football player is in the WU-19 national team of Ukraine (PHOTOS)

July 29, the WU-19 national team of Ukraine began their matches at the UEFA Development Tournament that is taking place in Moldova.
 The team coached by Nataliya Zinchenko defeated their Romanian peers.
 In the first half, the Ukrainian team was prevailing and had several chances to score. Victoria Holovach had the best chance, but our team forward wasted it. The Romanian team counterattacked dangerously, but the Ukrainian team goalkeeper Victoria Kislova was good at saving.
 The second half was not much different from the first one: the Ukrainian team was attacking dangerously, and Romanians were defending and from time to time tried to disturb the defense of the Ukrainian team. But the final whistle of the referee recorded a goalless draw. According to the regulations of the competition, the winner was determined in a penalty shootout. Ukrainians shot perfectly, while the opponents did miss once.



An interesting fact is that our fellow Transcarpahian – Anastasia Sirmay (pictured – the bottom row, second from the left) – was in the starting lineup in the first match of the tournament. Currently she plays outside the region for "Medic" (Morshin) – the Lobda reported.
 The WU-19 team of Ukraine will play the next match on Thursday with Turkey.
 Ukraine WU-19 – Romania WU-19 – 0:0 (pen. 5:4)
 Ukraine: Kislova, Kravchuk, Mokhnach, Levitska, Sirmay, Motko, Cherkashyna, Boyko, Andrukhiv, Holovach, Kozyrenko (c)
 Substitutions: Khuda, Petryk, Lasko


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