Uzhgorod Energy Efficiency Program for 2016-2017 was approved at today’s session of Uzhgorod City Council

At today’s session of Uzhgorod City Council, the deputies approved Uzhgorod Energy Efficiency Program for 2016-2017. 
Its goal is to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of energy and reduction of energy intensity of buildings.

The program is comprehensive and is designed for practical application at enterprises, institutions and organizations financed from the city budget.

The program provides for strategic diagnostics of the energy consumption of buildings and the identification of the most energy intensive ones, calculation of potential budgetary savings by optimizing energy consumption.

The plan of organizational and technical measures on energy efficiency will be developed, the amount of savings through the introduction of energy efficiency measures will be determined. It also provides for the formation of the analytical database on the energy consumption and its subsequent use to control energy consumption.

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