Uzhgorod doctors and officials believe that there is no reason for quarantine in the city

Today, on the initiative of the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv, an extraordinary meeting of the anti-epidemic commission was convened in Uzhgorod City Council to discuss the situation with the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). It was attended by the chief doctors of the medical institutions of the city, the city center of primary health care, epidemiologists, educators, the head of the health department of the City Council.

Bohdan Andriyiv noted that in recent days users of social networks have been disseminating the information that the city authorities allegedly are not closing schools for quarantine due to the visit of the wife of the President of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko. He stressed that this information is not true. Mrs. Marina in Uzhgorod opened the first inclusive center in Transcarpathia, took part in a meeting with city and district officials, signing of documents on the development of educational opportunities for children with special educational needs.

The decision to introduce quarantine measures in educational institutions of the city is taken by the commission, based on the data of daily monitoring conducted by doctors, epidemiologists, educators.

The chief doctor of the city children’s hospital Igor Roshko said that there is no reason to say that today the children’s hospital is full and there are many serious patients. Now, there are 38 patients in the respiratory disease department, where children with complications from ARVIs are treated, and the department is designed for 40 beds. This is a normal situation for this time of year

Ivan Kurakh, the chief doctor of the central city clinical hospital, also informed that the number of patients in the pulmonologic department of the institution headed by him is 24, and the department is designed for 30 beds. In addition, those are mostly chronic patients.

The epidemiologist of Uzhgorod interdistrict branch of the Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Svitlana Oberemko said that currently there are no confirmed cases of flue in Uzhgorod or in the region. They are also monitoring the attendance at educational institutions, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommends introducing restrictive quarantine measures, when the absence rate in educational institutions is 20 to 25%.

– Neither the number of patients, nor the severity of the cases constitute the grounds to suspend the educational process in Uzhgorod today, – Vasyl Reshetar, the head of the health department of Uzhgorod City Council said.

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