Uzhgorod “discusses” the Master Plan and makes a new cemetery

"We appeal to the Forestry Committee to give the city the forest near the bypass road. So far there has been no response" – Victor Pogorelov said commenting on land issues in the regional center.

The forest is needed to arrange the cemetery near the border. This is provided in the Master Plan, which is still being adjusted, and, as the Mayor pointed out, is now open for public discussion.

"As for the Master Plan – we identified the main priorities: education, child care, medicine, parks … the future of our city. Everything is agreed. Now the plan is put for the discussion of the community, we accept suggestions. We want the city to have the Master Plan, to have zoning, and so we could work not just for today but for the future – so that any team that comes to power would have a strategy," – the mayor said.

"Yesterday we were at the future of the cemetery – near the border. The session decided that we can already begin to arrange 1.8 hectares of it, regardless of the decision of the Cabinet, in which we ask for additional 16 hectares of land from the State Forestry." This refers to the extension of the cemetery through the forest to the bypass road, the mayor said. Another issue is the construction of the road to the cemetery, which can cost about 10 million hryvnias.

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