Uzhgorod designer creates clothes for people with special needs (PHOTOS)

The idea to create a collection of clothes for people with special needs was suggested to the team of Lili Bratus by Yulia Rekun – one of the organizers of the Charity inclusive festival "No Limits", the Depo.Zakarpattya informs citing the Varosh.

"In the summer, there was the presentation of mini collection of clothes with hand embroidery designed by the Atelier Lili Bratus. During the development, it became clear that virtually every model has their own unique physical features and requirements. For example, for people in wheelchairs, the clothes should be comfortable to wear while sitting, rather than standing.   People with cerebral palsy have poor motor skills: their clothes must be easy to put on and take off. As a result, the task was clear and interesting – to create a collection of modern, beautiful and comfortable clothes. In fact, such a task is a designer’s dream. After all, the essence of the design is not to "make nice things" but to "solve the problem," – Lili Bratus says. 

The idea of the project for business women "Entrepreneurial talent of Ukraine 2016" is to find talented entrepreneurs, and the winner will receive funding – a cash grant of 70,000 UAH to develop their own business.

Lili presented her project in the category "Social Business". 

"The collection of clothing for people with disabilities "So Special from Lili Bratus" is a transformer clothing with adaptation option. My professional philosophy is that clothes is a tool for changing one’s life for the better. It reveals the beauty of a person – and thus gives confidence. And a confident person can do a lot. And with the project "So Special from Lili Bratus", I want to show that confidence in your own beauty is attainable for everyone, regardless of "social standards". We plan to release collections every season for at least two years – to make a range of choice for the audience and develop the knowledge base for designers and engineers," – the designer says.

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