Uzhgorod deputies illegally distributed the land again. Arguments of the opposition were ignored

Deputies of Uzhgorod City Council took up the most scandalous land issues.

The draft decisions propose to increase the land area and terms of use threof for number of individuals and entities. For example, Taras Rumyantsev, elected to the City Council as a member of the "Batkivshchyna", who later changed it to the Party of Regions, was ganted land on lease for 10 years. No criticism from opposition members was taken into account.

The deputy Victor Schadey said that they were amending previous decisions of the City Council in hindsight. Also they proposed to add 17 acres to owners of the plot, where the "Spartak" pool used to be, and now the former mayor Ratushnyak is building, as he says, the water park.

The decision was adopted in its entirety.

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