Uzhgorod courthouse is mined (UPDATED)

The Transcarpathian Regional Administrative Court employees were evacuated by the Uzhgorod City Police Department officers because of the identification of the suspicious object on its premises this morning.

The explosive in equivalent of 200 grams of TNT was found on the court premises, as it was reported in Zakarpattia Online the law enforcement source.

The suspicious finding was revealed by the court cleaner in the bushes near the parking space of Uzhgogord District Court. However, he did not understand what he was holding in his hands and threw the obscure subject into the garbage wheelbarrow. The Transcarpathian Regional Administrative Court employees understood that they are dealing with some explosive device, when the mentioned cleaner came to take the garbage with his wheelbarrow. It was they who called law enforcement on the emergency place.

As a result, it was found out that it was a real explosive device – 200 TNT grams with electro-detonator and chip was embedded in its groove that probably had to work from the remote control signal in a car.

The law enforcement officers, cynologists and Ministry of Emergency Situations employees are working on the emergency place. 


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