Uzhgorod Club of Sports Dance “Grazia” won at the international competition

The news from Toronto, Canada has just been posted on social networks. Our dancing couple from Uzhgorod Club of Sports Dance "Grazia" Arkadiy Gulovsky and Anastasia Lendiel became the winners at the international competition in Toronto, Canada. They won awards in the following categories: Youth Open St – 1st place; Youth Open Lat – 1st place; WDSF Open Lat – 2nd place; WDSF Open St – 4th place. For reference: the President of the Club of Sports Dance "Grazia" in Uzhgorod is Oleksandra Myshko, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, Judge of the International WDSF category, Specialist in the Field of Physical Culture and Choreography.  Her track record includes: champions of Ukraine in the Latin American program among the teams of Formation 2016; bronze medal winners of the European Championship in junior ensembles 2015; European Championship finalists for adult ensembles 2015; the club members are multiple (2007-2016) and absolute Champions of Ukraine, absolute winners of the Ukrainian Cup among adults; bronze medalists of the World Youth Championship (2007); bronze medalists of the European Championship among adults, silver prize-winners of the World Cup among adults; the winners of international competitions of Canada, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Austria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Romania and many other countries of the world and Europe.

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