Uzhgorod City Hall is investigating the cause of the collapse in the city center

The Acting Mayor of Uzhgorod, deputy mayor Igor Fartushok and deputy mayor Vasyl Homonay today visited the place at the address: Sandor Petofi Square, 29/1, where the ceiling of an apartment collapsed yesterday.

According to the press service of the city council, the apartment is a private property in a building, which is more than a hundred years. The owner, obviously, for many years has been doing nothing to repair, strengthen the building.

Igor Fartushok explained: "The city authorities can neither seize this building nor take ownership of it – it’s private property, it is protected by law. We can not do anything here. We will employ specialists, experts to determine the cause of the collapse, whether it was due to the construction being carried out next door, or inadequate maintenance of the house by the owners."

Recall that the owner of the house during the collapse sufferred minor damage, escaped from the hospital, where he had been taken by an ambulance.

According to the updated information, the man’s mother has an apartment on Odeska street.


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