Uzhgorod City Executive Committee asks to report the police on who beat Shchadei and set Moshchak’s car to fire

The members of Uzhgorod City Executive Committee decided to apply law enforcement officials with a request to provide them information about the status of investigation on the fact of the executive committee member Margarita Moshchak’s car burning during the regular session today, June 13. This was suggested by the regional deputy Volodymyr Chubirko.

The First City Mayor Deputy, the Regional Council representative Viktor Trykur pointed out that recently the case of the City Council Secretary Viktor Shchadei’s beating took place in Uzhgorod. 

‘We have not heard from the police in what condition is this case until now’, – pointed out Viktor Fedorovych. Therefore he suggested to clarify the circumstances of the car’s arson investigation and the City Council Secretary’s beating as well. Viktor Trykur also said that last Friday the regional council session has already appealed to the relevant law enforcement agencies on cases of illegal actions against deputies.

In his turn, an executive committee member, an entrepreneur Volodymyr Panasenko noted that he also has repeatedly threatened by the garage arson and nevertheles they managed to cause him damage. He is convinced that none of us is insured from such crimes.

Therefore, City Mayor Viktor Pogorelov suggested to add to the appeal Volodymyr Panasenko’s case.

Volodymy Chubirko said that the real issue lies in finding out what is going on. It may become systematically unless there is no reaction on the incidents when taking into account an active social life of affected. ‘Therefore, we ask the police officers to report on investigation course of these cases to the executive committee members’.

City Prosecutor Ivan Shtefaniuk said that they cannot provide them with information until the investigation goes. ‘In all cases the criminal proceedings are initiated, there are relevant versions that are worked through’. Ivan Stefaniuk also added that coordinating conference on this subject will be held in the Prosecutor’s Office, on which Uzhgorod authorities are invited.  

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