Uzhgorod City Council will finance 4 projects of the youth initiatives contest

Open defense of projects – the second stage of the youth initiatives contest – took place yesterday in Uzhgorod City Council.

According to the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, 5 projects were admitted to it. Representatives of four of them came to the open defense, and they were chosen as the winners of the youth initiatives contest.

In particular:

– Charitable Foundation "Everything is possible", the project "Golden Hearts of Transcarpathia", funding – UAH 24.5 thousand. The project is aimed at the socialization of young people with disabilities, provides for the organization of holidays, will promote tolerance towards people with disabilities;

– NGO "Transcarpathia-Donbass", project "Bicycle is cool!", funding – UAH 23.5 thousand. The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by informing the population about the importance of active recreation, cycling, the importance of compliance with traffic rules, preservation and restoration of green areas in the city;

– NGO "Sokil", project "Modernization of Shevchenko", funding – UAH 25 thousand. The goal of the project is to destroy the stereotypical image of the writer, his modernization and popularization of creativity among young people. It is planned to create a mural – a tourist attraction of the city;  

– International Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovative Research, project "Uzhgorod! Breathe freely!”, funding – UAH 14,347. The goal of the project is to help improve the health of city residents through the monitoring of air pollution, information activities to involve young people in promoting "environmentally friendly" behavior and habits.

The project implementation period is until December 15, 2020.

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