Uzhgorod city authorities adopted decisions on the regulation of traffic and bus routes

Appeals of Uzhgorod residents, deputies, official agencies were recently reviewed at the meeting of the Uzhgorod city council commission on road safety and coordination of transportation.

In particular, the commission members decided to instruct the department of transport, public procurement and communication to prepare for consideration at a meeting of the executive committee of the City Council a draft decision on shortening of the routes 9, 19, 21 and 20 from the bus stop "Medical Center "Pkrov" to the bus stop "Clothing market".

The same unit of the City Council was recommended to study the issue of opening the bus route from the neighborhood "Dravtsi" to UzhNU buildings at the BAM or to Koryatovich Sq.

The construction of traffic constraints, in particular, on Uzhanska street near the house №47, Dendeshi street (near the school number 13) and in Vyshnevy lane was considered inappropriate.

Recall that at the meeting of the executive committee on November 14, they adopted a decision to dismantle nearly two dozen traffic constraints on different streets of Uzhgorod.

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