Uzhgorod citizens drink sewage from Perechyn district

Regional environmentalists come with inspection to Perechyn district center. The sewage system of Perechyn district has not been repaired for more than 30 years. Pump stations which are supposed to pump the sewage to the clearing constructions that work only during the day to 5 p.m., one employee works at each of them and the rest was fired because they did not have enough money for salary paying. Pump station is surrounded by a lake from sewage, unbearable smell and lots of mosquitoes. All this flows straight into the river of Uzh.

Water intake for Uzhgorod citizens is located near Kamianytsia – 6km away from here. But public utilities claim that there are no problems with the sewage that is pumped there. And workers fired because they did not have enough money to pay. ‘We have water supply on schedule and it is enough one man who from seven to five will pump out the water’ – said the head of the municipal enterprise ‘Komunalnyk’ Yaroslav Andrushyk.

Based on the plot of channel 1+1 news

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