Uzhgorod citizens are invited to support the project of the Educational Center for Youth

The initiators of the noble cause hope that citizens will respond to the initiative, explain their plan and invite to support them. Read it below.

How to make something important and good for the city in just a few clicks? Vote in the public projects contest for our "Project 42: Home"!

What is it?


  1. It is a Plast Home. We work with children and youth on a daily basis – we hold various classes, research trips, camps and hikes with them, we train a new generation of CITIZENS. Unlike many other cities in Ukraine, Plast in Uzhgorod for a long time did not have premises. The Plast Home is a physical space, where we hold classes, meetings, studies and which allows us to show creativity and feel joint responsibility for it.
  2. This is a nonprofit project and a place open to other educational organizations or initiatives. (What’s especially valuable is that it’s in the sleeping area of ​​the city, where currently there are no non-profit institutions for extracurricular activities.) A place where children, teens and young people can come to spend time, learn something new, teach others, find friends and just feel at home.

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