“Uzhgorod” cinema is being destroyed (PHOTOS)

This afternoon. Uzhgorod residents passing the passage from Teatralna square to Voloshin street could notice that loud demolition work had started on the second floor, in the premises of the former cinema "Uzhgorod".

Our photographer tried to get inside to see what exactly was being demolished there, but the door was locked from the inside.  But witnesses from a cafe nearby reported that about five to seven minutes earlier, they were loading some metal parts into a white passenger car.

It seems that the current private owner of the legendary institution (and all sources say that "Uzhgorod" was privatized by the family of the former mayor V.Pogorelov) has stepped up the works on reconstruction of the building, and therefore the demolition of everything that was kept inside.  

Perhaps it makes sense that the interesting facility in the center of the city must not stay neglected. But it is highly questionable that after the reconstruction the former profile of the complex will remain, or at least that it will not be completely devastated.

As for the "metal parts" loaded into a car…  There were very interesting decorative lamps in the cinema. Will they destroy them destroy?  Shame…


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