Uzhgorod children’s railway is being filmed for a movie

Today, the shooting of a documentary film about the narrow-gauge railways of Ukraine and Switzerland is taking place in Uzhgorod. It is being made by the Prime Story Pictures film company.

According to the Transcarpathian Film Commission, the "Molodizhna" station is a place where future generations are taught to love the railroad. Today, railway workers, as well as children, who attend the "Young Railwayman" club, had the opportunity to be real actors. They all tell the protagonist about their hobby, many children admit that they are dreaming to become conductors and even train drivers when they grow up.

By the way, the main character of the film Oleg Hudzelyak knows Transcarpathia very well, although he is from Truskavets, he is studying at Uzhgorod National University. The young man is convinced that the shooting of the co-production will help to draw attention to the state of narrow-gauge railways in Ukraine and to the need of not only their preservation, but also complete restoration.

The director of the film Oleksandr Nedbayev said that this would be a film not only about transport, but also about the people who can not imagine their lives without railroad. It is planned that the film will be filmed for 25 days in Ukraine and in Switzerland. 

The author of the idea, director and co-producer of the film is Oleksandr Nedbayev, general producer is Pavlo Sushko, co-producer is Olivier Kohler, producer is Philippe Ciampi, Nouvelle Vague Factory. The project is supported by the Ukrainian Culture Foundation, the Swiss public broadcaster RTS, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk film commissions, the Transcarpathian Film Commission informs.

Source – Karpatskij Objektiv

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