Uzhgorod celebrates Memorial Day (PHOTOS)

The cemetery on the Kalwaria hill was opened in 1890 and was closed for burials in 1999. Even the director of the public enterprise, which takes care of the cemetery, does not know how many people have found eternal rest here, scince the story of our city was too complicated, and the details are in the archives of several government entities. However, Anatoly Suholov, the director of the utility company, said that at least eight thousand people have been buried on Kalwaria. Among them are outstanding citizens of Uzhgorod, such as Loudon or Erdelyi. 
  Overall in Uzhgorod there are only two active cemeteries – in Barvinok and in Horyany neighborhood. And the places for burial will be enough for only a few months. 
Anatoly Romanovich told that in Barvinok (and there are already 25 000 burials there) they had arranged an additional sector, using the economic area, but it will be sufficient for no more than 4 months (by the way, the average monthly number of deaths in the city is 60-70 people). So this issue will have to be addressed.  
Meanwhile Uzhgorod is ready to celebrate the Memorial Day. Nowhere else in Ukraine there is such a tradition – to visit the graves of loved ones on the 1st of November. Instead, in Transcarpathia a few days before that date they clean up the graves, decorate the gravestones with flowers and candles.The old cemetery in the heart of the city during those days looks very picturesque. Kalwaria, covered with fallen leaves, becomes a place of pilgrimage for Uzhgorod residents – they tidy up the graves of their loved ones and light candles. On November 1, all cemeteries of Transcarpathia and Uzhhorod in this way prove that the living remember their dead

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