Uzhgorod bus stops are still not equipped with promised video cameras

Two months ago, at the meeting of the executive committee, when most of its members allowed to raise fares in Uzhgorod to 2.30 UAH, Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov publicly made carriers promise to equip terminal stops with video cameras.

 Pogorelov set the term for carriers – by April 1.

However, with the onset of the second month of spring, the promised cameras are still nowhere to be seen.

In his comments to journalists the Mayor explained this fact that carriers assumed that the decision to increase fares would be canceled by deputies at the session. And the Mayor understood their situation. And since the deputies did not abolish the increase of fares, the issue of cameras is again relevant. However, this time the mayor did not specify when they would appear.

The Chairman of the Association of Carriers of Uzhgorod Oleksiy Kulya said that on Thursday, April 4, at the City Hall there will be meeting on the transportation. If they order to install video cameras, then entrepreneurs will do that.

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