Uzhgorod “Blitz” is looking for dancers!

The Studio of Contemporary Dance "Blitz" is enrolling new students on September 5, from ⏰ 17:00 to 20:00, in the PADIYUN, room 202. The minimal age is 5 years. 
Selection to the "Blitz" will last only 1 day. So do not miss it!

If you want to enroll your child or yourself to the "Blitz", do the following: 

– Come on September 5, from 17:00 to 20:00 to the PADIYUN, room 202. 
– Fill in the questionnaire. 
– Write down schedule and contacts of the teacher. 
– Happy and inspired, wait for the first rehearsal. 

In the "Blitz" you will learn to dance real modern dances. You will learn what is hip-hop, waacking, dance hall, contemporary, jazz-modern and even Broadway jazz! The program includes stretching, classical dance, Afro-jazz and acting. 

If you are willing to study with professional and creative choreographers, join the Studio of Contemporary Dance "Blitz!"

For more information, call 050-101-17-19, 050-151-84-50 or visit Internet pages of the "Blitz": 

Facebook .

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