Uzhgorod beaches are occupied with hogweeds! (PHOTOS)

The heat will drive out Uzhgorod citizens to the river in a few days. They will face with unequipped beaches and lush hogweeds’ thickets. Far not everyone knows how dangerous these plants are – they can cause very serious burns, however, there are no fighters for their destruction.

The river of Uzh banks cleared from the blossom of this plant, but what is interesting, they are not cleared at all at the places which Uzhgorod city government determined for swimming. This and ‘beaches’ near Bozdosh park and near the transport bridge. 

Despite the fact that Uzhgorod citizens like an unofficially defined for swimming place near the former pool ‘Spartak’, there are a lot of hogweeds’ plants there.

We want to remind you, that there were a lot of hogweeds’ plants during the previous city mayor of Uzhgorod, and the regional Environmental Protection Department, which was headed at that time and now by Andrii Pogorelov criticized the city services. However, currently the critic is not heard since Andrii Viktorovych’s father has been occupying the position of the mayor.

Therefore, warns everyone to refrain from swimming in these particularl dangerous places.      


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