Uzhgorod authorities assure that they service 7 flats every day

Today, September 26, there was a special meeting of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council, which gathered heads of all utilities, directors of education, pre-school and health facilities. The main topic was preparing for the heating season.

Head of Municipal economy department Oleksiy Kasperov noted that the preparation for the winter is going well, almost the entire housing sector is ready for cold weather. The city government plans to install electrical heating systems in 113 apartments of needy citizens by October 15, that means that working teams should set convectors in 7 apartments every day. In addition, the Department should take care of technical documentation for electric heating.

According to Acting Head of Municipal Economy Department Ivan Zelinsky, they have enough working teams and money, so by October 15, all electrical heating systems should be installed.

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