Uzhgorod and Mikachevo are in the TOP-20 of the most cultural towns in Ukraine

The most cultural towns of the country chose the magazine ‘Focus’.

According to the publication, Yalta won the first place because there are nine museums, 4 cinemas, 2 theaters and more than 250 monuments of culture, history and architecture. The benefits of the town supplemented the developed infrastructure of education and leisure, even though in Yalta lives not so many people.

Yalta surpassed Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv, which took the second and third places respectively, despite the fact that there are more monuments in Lviv.

Cultural cities were determined on the basis of total points according to seven criteria: higher education, museums, cinemas, theaters, monuments, bookstores and festivals.

Thus, in the Top 20 of the most cultural towns leads Yalta, which gained 276 points, followed by Ivano-Frankivsk from 255 points, the third place took Lviv, who scored 248 points. Other cities are the following:

4. Evpatoria (247 points)

5. Chernivtsi (243 points)

6. Uzhgorod (230 points)

7. Sevastopol (226 points)

8. Kharkiv (225 points)

9. Ternopil (201 points)

10. Odessa (197 points)

11. Kyiv (195 points)

12. Kherson (193 points)

13. Mukachevo (191 points)

14. Kamianets-Podilskyi (188 points)

15. Lutsk (186 points)

16. Khmelnytskyi (183 points)

17. Chernihiv (180 points)

18. Donetsk (180 points)

19. Truskavets (177 points)

20. Rivne (176 points)

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