Uzhgorod ancient architecture is being destroyed again

An old building, which is located on Capitulna Street, between the Cathedral and Uzhgorod Castle, is being rebuilt behind the closed gates.
They have already removed the roof and destroyed the walls of the house, which stands in one of the oldest streets of the city. The walls of the 100-year-old house are being demolished without complying with basic safety rules – 4 meters of gas pipe have been suspended in the air without any support, and it has already started bending.

A neighbor, Natalia, who lives in the second part of the house, told the reporters that originally, they allegedly wanted to complete the house with the balcony, but she didn’t allow them to, because there were no balconies in the street.

However, her denial didn’t stop the builders. They started a complete overhaul with the demolition of the walls. The woman said that this week the Committee on Regional State Administration has ordered to stop work, but they continue. The woman has not seen any permits for the construction.

She only knows that the house has been officially registered by the citizen of Hungary.


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