Uzhgorod actor Oleksandr Mavrits won the prize for the best male role at the international film festival

The VII International Film Festival "Crown of the Carpathians" in Truskavets has closed today.

According to its guest, writer Vasyl Kuzan, one of the awards is going to Uzhgorod. Oleksandr Mavrits won the award for the best male role (the film "Red"), – the writer shared the good news.

Oleksandr Mavrits is a well-known artist, who works in the Transcarpathian Regional Music and Drama Theater, and is involved in big projects, including, in particular, the film "Red" based on the well-known novel of the same title by Andriy Kokotyukha. The role of the chief of the concentration camp of Major Vasily Abramov is one of the most difficult in the film, and was performed brilliantly.

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