Urgent: Motherland is calling!

In order to man up military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. volunteers with experience of service as commanders, gunner-operators, and drivers of combat armoured vehicles are urgently wanted.

Transcarpathians, those who have the aforementioned military specialties, are patriotic and willing to contribute to the history of Ukraine, please, volunteer, Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat urges.

For more information please contact military commissariats in Transcarpathian region:

Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat

the city of  Uzhgorod,  Borodin st., 22/2

Tel: (0312) 67-20-67

Uzhgorod Joint City Military Commissariat

88015, the city of Uzhgorod,  Borodin st., 22/2

phone 0312 612800

Mukachevo Joint City Military Commissariat

89600, the city of Mukachevo, Dukhnovich st., 89

phone 03131 54367

Tyachiv District Military Commissariat

90500, the city of Tyachiv, Nezalezhnist st., 49

phone 03134 33434

Khust-Mizhhirya Joint City Military Commissariat

90400, the city of Khust, Druzhba st., 11a

phone 03142 44122

90000, the town of Mizhhirya, Shevchenko st., 58

phone 03146 ​​21554

Irshava-Vynogradiv Joint District Military Commissariat

90100, the city of Irshava, Shevchenko st., 39,

phone 03144 22461

90300, the city of Vynogradiv, Myr st., 53,

phone 03142 222391

Beregovo Joint City Military Commissariat

90202, the city of Beregovo, Heroyiv sq., 8

phone 03141 22012

Rakhiv District Military Commissariat

90600, the city of Rakhiv, Myr st., 88

phone 03132 21252

Svalyava-Volovets Joint District Military Commissariat

89300, the city of Svalyava, Mukachivska st., 30,

phone 03133 21669

89100, the town of Volovets, Shevchenko st., 2

Velyky Berezny – Perechyn Joint District Military Commissariat

89000, the town of V.Berezny,  Shevchenko st., 27

phone 03135 21748

89000, the city of  Perechyn, Chervonoarmiyska st., 8.

phone 03145 21651

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