Uniting bohrach (PHOTOS)

For believers of the Uzhgorod district the event that is conducted by clerics of Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Cross – Parish bohrach – has become a tradition. The festive event, which gathered in the courtyard of the seminary more than a hundred young people took place yesterday, September 23.
Father Vladislav Ihnatyshyn told about the tradition that was born out of the fact that he wanted to slightly blur the line of officialdom between priest and faithfuls. "In the first year, when I came to serve in Uzhgorod, and it was in 2008, I suggested to young families to conduct this unconventional meeting. Of course, when people call in guests, they need to treat them with something. I decided that it would bohrach, which I made by myself – says Father Vladislav. – At the first meeting 10-15 families gathered. Later, their number has grown – now the parish picnic is attended by more than 150 people." 
Also as part of the parish bohrach various fun sports among the participants are traditionally held. After that – themed family gathering. 
This time parishioners talked about addiction that surrounds us. 
Such events, according to reviews, contribute to an understanding of the fact that the church can work not only within the temple. It blurs the boundaries of officialdom and allows you to communicate with clergy in informal settings. 
The ideological founder says that every year he was pleased to see how this holiday attracts more couples, including most of those whom he crowned and now even those whose children he baptized. 


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