Unique deposit of carbon dioxide to be developed in Transcarpathia

On Thursday, May 24, a session of interdepartmental commission on the effective use of mineral deposits in Transcarpathian region was held in the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.

The commission members reviewed the materials of the company "Galnaftogaz" to participate in the auction in order to get permission to use the subsoil for geological study, including industrial development with further production of natural gas of Martivskaya area (Mukachevo district, 11 km south of Mukachevo). Martivske is the first deposit of carbon dioxide in Ukraine, its size is 2 × 4 km. The gas at the deposit, according to experts, 95-99% consists of CO2. Gas reserves are estimated between 42 and 109 million m ³.

Authorization of the company "Galnaftogaz" will provide an opportunity to master the unique deposits, as well as to attract investments, additional funds into the regional budget.

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