Unfair advertising of TSU from Vashchuk

Recently, new billboards have been hung in Uzhgorod that say: ‘Transcarpathian State University – number 4 in the national ranking of universities’.  This information was surprising, because earlier TSU had been in the second hundred of other universities in a wide range of All-Ukrainian rankings.

According to the information that we found on the Internet, this rating had been published by the official body ‘Education of Ukraine’. An interesting fact – we have failed to find any reference to this rating on the official website of the ministry.

It is surprising that the Transcarpathian University managed to get ahead of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv , V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkiv and Sumy State University. Then followed Odessa National University, Lviv National University and even Kyiv Mohyla Academy! Even this was supposed to cause serious suspicions of the rating’s adequacy.

The rating of universities in Ukraine, which was conducted by UNESCO for the sixth time was published on the site http://euroosvita.net. According to this results in 2012, TSU was at the 162nd place while UzhNU was at the 45th. Whereas Uzhgorod National University scientific activity was valued at 9.239754848, the TSU received 3.958467358. For the quality of education the first got 7.3510904, the second – 3.277509954. Assessment of international recognition: 6.211814299, 5.096198101 respectively. The picture seems to be completely transparent and there is no need to boast with undeserved forth place. By the way, TSU took the 158th place in the previous ranking of UNESCO. Its position got even worse.

Fedir Vashchuk’s ‘games’ with numbers were noticed a long time ago. Allegedly giving them right TSU manages to turn them out in such a way that it makes impression that this is the best university in the region. In particular, recently information has appeared at several regional sites about TSU being the most popular university among students.

Meanwhile, 2600 students submitted their applications to the Transcarpathian University while UzhNU received nearly 8000 statements. 

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