Undeclared currency at more than UAH 650 thousand was confiscated at the border (PHOTOS)

A 53-year-old Lviv resident chose to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border early in morning, at 5 o’clock, apparently hoping for the fatigue and inattention of the border guards. He chose the "red corridor" to pass customs and border control at the customs post "Tisa" of the Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service. In the customs declaration, he entered his passport data, information about the vehicle TOYOTA SIENNA, the presence of goods, including: clothing and accessories, used shoes.
 During the oral interview, the man stated that in addition to the declared goods, he was moving foreign currency in the total amount of 10,000 euros, and denied the existence of any other goods, including those prohibited or restricted for transportation across the customs border of Ukraine.
 However, experienced inspectors together with border guards decided to inspect the car. Their attention was immediately drawn to the suitcase, which was on the passenger seat of the car. There, they found foreign currency in the amount twice as much as that declared by the driver. Two thousand euros were wrapped in a plastic bag, which was among the personal belongings of the Ukrainian.
 Thus, the Ukrainian failed to declare in the prescribed form accurate information about the goods being moved across the customs border of Ukraine, which in this quantity are subject to mandatory written declaration.
 These actions have signs of violation of customs rules provided for in Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.
 The found foreign currency (50 euros bills in the amount of 400 bills) equivalent to 659,218.00 UAH was seized. Now its "fate" will be decided by the court.

Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service

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