Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are gathering in Transcarpathia

The First International Scientific Conference "Ecologically safe development of territories: problems and prospects" will be held on 18-21 of April. According to the official website of Uzhgorod National University, it is organized by the Youth NGO "Picturesque Rusych Land", SHEE "Uzhgorod National University," SHEE "Zaporizhzhya National University," Educational and Research Institute of Information Technology TSU, International State Ecological University named after Sakharov (Belarus), All-Russian Research Institute of Hunting and Farming named after Professor B.M. Zhitkov (Russian Federation). 

The conference will be held in Uzhgorod and the village of Pylyptsi in Mizhhirya district. Specialists in the field of ecologicalle safe development of territories, rational use of tourist and recreational potential, ecological construction, environmentally sustainable agriculture and forestry management and environmental law, academics, businessmen, government officials, experts in tourism, hotel and restaurant management, teachers, graduates, students, community leaders and the general public are invited to participate.

 The aim of the conference is to present theoretical and practical results of research on the major problems of ecologically safe development of territories, including with regard to their tourist and recreational potential, as well as discussion and exchange of experience, the development of scientific advice to businesses and government to facilitate their implementation.

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