Ukrainians are more concerned with the dollar rate than the “doomsday”

Searches on the Internet indicate growing interest of Ukrainians in two topics: the end of the world and the dollar rate. The financial crisis worries them not that much.

Ukrainians are interested in the dollar rate more than in any apocalypse. This is illustrated by the analysis of the Ukrainian segments of Google and Yandex, conducted by the consulting company "Ashmanov and partners Ukraine" during November 4 – December 4 this year.
The percentage of two requests – the dollar rate and the end of the world – is as follows. For the former – 72.5%, for the latter – 27.5%.
The Ukrainians are more interested in dollar rate than in the financial crisis as such. The ratio of these two requests is as follows: 99.3% (the dollar rate) and 0.7% (financial crisis).
The end of the world, supposedly scheduled by Mayan calendar for December 21, is also ahead of the financial crisis. The end of the world gathered 98% of the queries, and the financial crisis – only 2%. 


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