Ukrainians are going to spend less money for New Year gifts

In 2012, Ukrainians plan to save money on gifts for the New Year and Christmas.

These are the results of a study conducted by the accounting firm Deloitte in 18 countries, including Ukraine, writes the "Kommersant-Ukraine".

According to the study, compared with the year 2011, holiday expenses in Ukraine will increase by only 0.5% to 3.684 thousand hryvnias per family.

This is one of the lowest in Europe, where the on average holidays will cost 591 euros (6.020 thousand hryvnias).

Smaller amounts are planned to be spent only in Poland and the Netherlands.

However, in some European countries the expenses will be reduced, especially in Greece (-16.2%) and Portugal (-13.5%).

The main distinguishing feature of this year holidays in Ukraine will be reduced cost of gifts.

According to the survey, spending on gifts will be reduced on average by 18.5%. Most often Ukrainians will be giving cosmetics, perfumes and sweets.

The "saved" funds will be used to organize festive meal – according to the survey, the cost of it will grow by 27.7%.

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