Ukrainians are allowed to privatize rooms in hostels

Ukrainians who live in state hostels will be able to privatize the occupied premises after the hostels’ transmission in local authorities’ property. There are 1058 hostels on the total area of 2457, 82 sq. meters.

Verkhovna Rada (VR) of Ukraine adopted the National Target Program of the hostels’ ownership transmission in the territorial communities’ property on 2012-2015 years.  

345 deputies voted in favor of the relevant governmental bill number 10226 on Thursday, June 21.

The law stipulates that citizens who live in hostels of the state form of ownership may privatize the occupied housing premises after the transfer of such hostels into the local authorities’ property.

The program contains a schedule, scope and terms of funding to a community property of the state-owned hostels. The possibility to modify such volumes and terms were indicated according to the real situation in the relevant markets and real budgets’ opportunities.

As a result of this program 1058 hostels with a total area of 2457,82 sq. meters will be transferred in the territorial communities ownership. 


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