Ukrainians are allowed not to translate names in passports

Author of the law "On Language Policy" deputy Kolesnychenko told "1st business channel" that the birth certificate is the basis for writing the names in the documents without the Ukrainian tradition. For example, "Nikolai" should be written in Ukrainian letters, but it is not Mykola, "Phillip" is Philip, but Pylyp, and so on.

Kolesnichenko believes that the officials are ready to the innovation, which has been introduced on July 27, but those who want to keep in their passports those names that were given to them by their parents should insist.

When a person doubts about the correct spelling or translation of his or her name and surname, he or she may refer with the respective request to the professionals. At least, the dean of Ukrainian Philology Faculty of Tauride National University Yuri Pradid assures that passport offices, courts and private person often consult them. 

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