Ukrainian tunnel on the Slovakian side is being looked for with an excavator (PHOTOS)

The tunnel, which was found on the Ukrainian side of the border with Slovakia, most likely leads to Slovakia. This is affirmed by the chief of Slovak who says about a criminal group that dug such tunnels along whole Schengen border – not only in Slovakia. Following the discovery of the second "Mexican" tunnel investigations are ongoing at the Slovakian side since yesterday.

On Saturday morning at the border in Velke Selmence investigators and workers tried to dig to the tunnel from the top in order to prove that it really leads from Ukraine to Slovakian territory.

According to the obtained information, the construction of the tunnel was performed by an organized group that also constructed similar underground structures in other places, not only in Slovakia but also in Hungary and Poland.

The entrance to the tunnel which was recently found on the Ukrainian side in a store basement was nearly four meters deep. The store worked until Thursday, informs Zakarpattya on-line , with the reference to the Slovakian web-site



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