Ukrainian illegal immigrants in Spain will be forced to pay 711 euros per year for medical care

Illegal immigrants in Spain have to pay for medical care at least 711 euros per year for persons under 65 and 1,864 euros per year for persons over 65. These figures for those who are not entitled to free medical care were set out by the Ministry of Health.

Back in April of this year, the Spanish government introduced a ban on free medical services to illegal residents. This prohibition also applies to those people who have an income greater than 100 000 euros, but do not pay money to social insurance. And also to foreigners who apply for aid to Spain, if the country of their origin does not have an appropriate agreement with Spain.

UNN remind that almost all Ukrainians living in Spain are legally employed, which is confirmed by the survey conducted among our citizens. 95% of Ukrainian respondents work legally and only 5% were unable to find work in Spain legally.

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