Ukrainian Euro. View from abroad

During the last two weeks, journalists of have been looking for bright pictures and comments of Ukrainians who watched matches of the Euro abroad. There were a lot of them. The only problem they have in common: in a football rage they didn’t care of the photography at all.

Victoria Bojko – the second secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Ireland, Dublin.

"We watched the debut match in the pub Kiely’s. There were six of us, but we were heard in the surrounding neighborhoods of the city. Especially women. Apparently, women realized that the two-hour experience includes tears of joy and sadness of a six-month series.
We want to believe that our support from the distant Ireland we brought our team a little bit closer to the victory.


Tatiana – a resident of Berlin (Germany)

"We believed in our team till the end. Even after they lost to the French, we still gathered with our company in a bar in Berlin. You know, Germans treated us very well. Now, Ukraine is GUT for Germans! It is a pity that our team had left the group, but we were not ashamed of our guys".

Vita – a resident of Kalmar (Sweden)

"At the first sounds of Ukrainian national anthem, I choked and burst into tears. There was a wild desire of victory! Our victory!

 Roman Serbaylo – entrepreneur, Uzhgorod

"We won the tickets to the Euro on the Internet unexpectedly. We didn’t know where we were going and which match we were going to see till the last minute. It turned out that we were going to Warsaw for the game between Russia and Greece. We went with a company of friends.


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