Ukrainian drivers to be obliged to drive with the lights on round the clock

Among the changes to the traffic rules, there is a requirement to drive round the clock with the lights on during seven months a year – from October 1 to May 1. The suggested penalty for violators is 340-425 UAH.

The Cabinet of Ministers, on the initiative of traffic police, has prepared some changes to the traffic rules. The project has already passed the stage of public discussion and now the final amendments are being made, writes the newspaper "Segodnya".

It has also been proposed to introduce additional limits for speed. Next to the sign, limiting speed, there must be a sign of why a driver must go slowly (for example, road works, pedestrian crossing, school etc).

Temporary restriction signs are suggested to use not only for road works, but also in places of mass or special events (demonstrations, studying) and during natural disasters.

Permanent restrictions are going to be applied on dangerous parts of roads and streets (steep turns, limited visibility, the narrowing of the road) before pedestrian crossings, before stationary traffic police posts and on roadways near schools, kindergartens, children’s health camps etc.

Also according to the amendments, before the sign "Control", prohibiting driving without the full stop of the vehicle (in front of traffic police post, border guards, customs, payment point at toll roads, etc.) a few signs limiting speed must be placed in advance (e.g. 90 km / h, in 100 m – 70 km / h, etc.). Now there are no such signs.

The press-service of traffic police management of MIA informed that now the remarks to the project are being processed, and change are possible. For example, the period of driving with headlights on (till April 1, not till May 1) might be decreased.

Also, the traffic police promises not to fine in the beginning, but only warn for the lights off during the day.


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