Ukrainian children are patriots of their country, but they would like to live abroad

Less than half of Ukrainian children would rather live in Ukraine, when they grow up. More than 90% believe that for a successful career they need to know English.

The vast majority (95.1%) of students are proud of their Ukrainian citizenship, while only 4.9% do not feel pride. This is according to a survey conducted by the Gorshenin Institute in children’s camp "Artek".
However, less than half of respondents – 49.1% – would like to live in Ukraine, when they become adults, 30.9% would rather live abroad. 20.0% could not answer.
66.7% of respondents would rather receive higher education in Ukraine, 31.4% – in Europe, 11.2% – in the U.S., 8.8% – in Russia (one could select 2 variants).
The study was conducted by the Gorshenin Institute on August 24, 2012 among the children of ICC "Artek". In total, 3,000 Ukrainian children, aged 7 to 16 years were quastioned. The margin of error is up to +/-1.8%.


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