Ukrainian and Hungarian customs officers are ready to closely cooperate during Euro 2012

The discussion of the joint Ukrainian and Hungarian customs officers’ activities on the border that is related to the visitors passing to Ukraine in order to participate in the European Football Championship 2012 finals became the crucial issues of the Chop Customs and North-Alfeldskyi regional Customs and Finance Border Guard General Directorate of Hungary leaderships during the bilateral working meeting at the international checkpoint ‘Tysa’.  

At the beginning the Chop Customs Office Head Alexandr Pokhylko sincerely and warmly congratulated his colleague Polts Atila on his appointment to the chief director post of the North-Alfeldskyi regional Customs and Finance Border Guard General Directorate and wished him fruitful work directed towards the Hungarian state economic interests’ protection.

The chief Transcarpathian tax collector informed his colleagues during the dialogue about the necessary measures acceptance by the Ukrainian side in order to meet the Euro 2012 guests with dignity. In particular, two additional lanes for fans, fully equipped with structural subdivisions were allocated for the entry and departure from the territory of Ukraine. Each change is provided with the sufficient number of officers who speak foreign language. Additionally, the twenty-four hour duty posts are introduced on the border in case of the consulting assistance provision to citizens.

Alexandr Ivanovich also informed new Hungarian Customs Office leadership about the new Customs Code of Ukraine which came into force on June 1. He noted that the Chop Customs Office is ready to work with a new conditions, the personnel has passed an appropriate training and currently works as usual. At the same time, Chop Customs Officials fix the fall of violations associated, first of all, with the new customs legislations requirements. If recently the majority of customs regulations violations protocols dealt with the objects with the cost to 500 euro, now it is allowed to import goods on this amount once a day if these things are not for the commercial purposes.

From his side, the North Alfeldskyi Directorate chief tax collector spoke about the new customs legislation mechanism’s realization rules issued by the Hungarian President, in the part concerning the VAT refunds (afy) registration. Currently, these procedures are redirected from the border crossing points to the internal cargo terminals. Polts Atila also shared with his positive impressions on the personnel Ukrainian customs officials’ replenishment with young inspectors and praised on the improvement of the Chop colleagues effective work in the fight against smuggling direction and the customs regulations violations detention.

At the end of the meeting, both customs leaders agreed to continue the productive collaboration, promptly inform about the illegal goods movement and significantly strengthen the law enforcement activities work – informed Viktoriia Sengetovska, the Chop Customs press secretary.   

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