Ukraine refuses from Hungarian loan for the construction of a bypass road in Beregovo

Ukraine’s government has not approved the proposal of the Hungarian Government colleagues on the loan under state guarantee from the lender "Hungarian Export-Import Bank" for the construction of a bypass in Beregovo.

According to the signed intergovernmental agreements, the Ukrainian party undertook to complete the construction of a bypass road in Beregovo by December 2014 to ensure proper operation of the international checkpoint "Luzhanka-Beregsurany."

Today, in the framework of the Pan-European transport corridor №5, the construction of a new highway in the direction of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border in Hungary has been completed. A significant increase in heavy vehicle traffic through the checkpoint "Luzhanka-Beregsurant" is expected. This requires the construction of a bypass road in Beregovo.

It us planned to build the road in length of 13.7 km. The estimated cost of works is 510 million. Ukrainian road builders have already spent 25.1 million.

For these money, they have built an overpass over the railroad 55 meters in length and 109 meters of a highway, partially made a roadbed, installed culverts. Due to lack of funding, the works are not being performed. 

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