Ukraine outplayed Sweden with score 2:1 and got to the lead group (VIDEO)

The National Team of Ukraine outplayed Sweden thanks to their captain. Ukraine replied with Andrii Shevchenko’s double win on the accurate stroke of Ibragimovich in the second half. Ukraine takes the lead in Group D after the first round.

National Team of Ukraine outplayed Sweden with 2:1 score in the first round of Euro 2012 match at NSC ‘Olimpiiskyi’ in Kyiv on the Monday evening, June 11.

Zlatan Ibragimovich scored the first goal on 52-minute, on 55th minute Andrii Shevchenko equalized the score. In seven minutes the team captain made the double, locked at near rod a corner.

The initial composition of the team:

Ukraine: Piatov, Selin, Khacheridi, Tymoshchuk, Shevchenko (C), Gusiev, Voronin, Yarmolenko, Mykhalyk, Nazarenko, Yevgen Konoplianka.

Sweden: Isakson, Lustig, Mellberg, Grankvist, Olsson, Elm, Larson, Chellstrem, Ibragimovich (C), Toivonen, Rozenberg.

The match started in almost an equal fight.

Chellstrem (Sweden) received a yellow card on 11th minute. After an impetuous Ukrainian counterattack they can stop Shevchenko only with the rules violation.

Ukraine mainly possesses the ball in the first half our national team also leads by the number of strokes – 7 against 4 in Sweden.

Ukrainian team created a few moments at the Sweden team net in 10 minutes before the end of the first half. At first Voronin stroked outside from the penalty are in order to check Issakson’s reaction. Then Yarmolenko after the massive Ukrianian attack hit the Sweden defender. Yevgen Konoplianka stroke twice but did not make it.

The Swedes replied with a dangerous counterattack after which Ibragimovich hit Piatov net’s bar.

As a result, teams went on the break with the score 0:0.

Swedes managed to hold a dangerous attack and Ukrainian defenders ‘forgot’ Markus Rozenberg in the penalty area, however, Piatov reflected the strong Swedish striker’s stroke.   

Swedes opened the score in the match on the 52 minute – Ibragimovich scored the ball.

It took three minutes for Ukrainians to win – the veteran Andrii Shevchenko locked with his head Yarmolenko’s ball transfer. The national team’s captain made the double, locked at near rod a corner on the 62 minute – 2:1.

The Swedes had several opportunities to equalize the score in the remaining time. Ibragimovich made a couple of dangerous moves, but Ukrainians could keep the pressure – the final score 2:1.

Україна – Sverige по footyroom 

England and France played in the battle draw 1:1 in another match. Therefore, Ukraine takes the lead in Group D after the first round. 


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