Ukraine is not among the twenty countries with the best education

Leading positions in the ranking of the best education systems are occupied by countries, which provide higher status for teachers. It is not only and not so much about salary, since the social status and respect for the profession play greater role.

Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong led the ranking of 20 most successful education systems in the world, compiled by the British company "Pearson" commissioned by the analytical department of the "Economist" journal and published in "The Times". Ukraine is not in this rating.
The rating has been compiled by the results of the international test scores of students at graduation for 2006-2010, as well as statistical data of the countries – for example, the number of children applying for admission to universities.
According to one of the compilers of the ranking Sir Michael Barber, the most successful were those countries where the status of teachers is high and there is a well-developed educational culture.
"Leading positions in our list are occupied by those countries which provide higher status for teachers – Michael Barber told the "Times." – In these countries there is a real culture of education."
Having studied those countries in which learning model was the most successful, the authors of the rating concluded: money allocated to education are important, but more important is the culture that promotes the willingness and capacity to learn.
Financing is easy to measure, but more subtle matter – for example, the attitude towards learning – play in the education system even greater role.
Phenomenal performance of Asian countries reflect the high value that knowledge has in the eyes of parents. This same factor continues to play a role when the family moves to another country, according to the report.
Ranking leader and "runner" – Finland and South Korea – are very different from each other, but they are both distinguished by faith of people in the importance of education and its high moral value.
The report’s authors draw attention to the level of teachers: the best students are those who are taught by the best teachers. And it is not only and not so much about salary, since the social status and respect for the profession play greater role, although the money factor was also taken into account in the study.
But comprehension of students directly affects the economic performance of the country, especially now, in a globalized economy where skills and professionalism of the employees are highly valued.
Most countries that are located at the top of the rankings have developed school autonomy. Among them, China (estimated separately from Hong Kong), the Netherlands, Britain and Hong Kong. But in Finland schools do not have great autonomy, although the country won the first place.
Countries with the highest level of education – TOP 20
South Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand


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