Ukraine is flooded with low-quality gasoline

Drivers have to buy bootleg gasoline because new requirements for fuel still have not been adopted, says expert. As Ukraine constantly postpones adoption of high quality requirements for gasoline, the domestic market is overwhelmed with low-quality product imported from neighboring countries. This was stated by the director of "A-95" consulting group Serhiy Kuyun.

"We see a lot of Russian diesel fuel of "Euro-2" and "Euro-3" quality. Ukraine is becoming a drain hole.

Around us in every country standards are becoming more stringent. So what to do with illiquid product? Bring it where it is allowed to be sold,"- he said.

Kuyun also reminded that the transition to higher quality standards was planned in 2007. Now plans are postponed until 2013, and in the draft technical regulation, which is currently being discussed in the government, this transition is scheduled for 2017.

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